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Fraud Prevention and Detection

Fraud Prevention and Detection: Warning Signs and the Red Flag System


Marschdorf, together with former senior RCMP officer Rodney Stamler and senior investigator at one of Canada’s Big 5 banks, Mario Possamai. co-wrote this book. It will be published by U.S. publisher Taylor & Francis in in March 2014. The book is about early warning signs of fraud and a systematic approach towards responding to them. Major frauds don’t come out of the blue and most can be prevented or at least detected earlier if the early warning signals are addressed in a timely and professional manner. The book sets out a no-nonsense approach – known as the Red Flag System – to enable officers and directors to protect themselves and their entities against fraud by effectively detecting, analyzing and acting to end it. Based on an empirically tested strategy, the Red Flag System reflects the co-authors’ more than 100 years combined experience in the investigation and prevention of fraud in North America, Europe, and the Far East.