Marschdorf Forensics


Forensic Management Berlin Germany

The proprietor of this boutique investigations firm, Ms. Birgit Galley, has conducted forensic accounting investigations for close to twenty years. She started her career in post-wall Berlin working on mandates in connection with privatizations of companies in what was formerly the GDR (East Germany). She soon became co-owner of a small investigations firm in Berlin, later joined a Big 4 accounting firm as a direct-entry partner in its Forensic Services line and eventually re-invented her investigations approach as proprietor of Forensic Management GmbH, Berlin. In the process, she also founded an academic institute at the Steinbeis University, a private university in Berlin, named the Institute Risk & Fraud. She later established the School of Governance Risk and Compliance, also under the umbrella of Steinbeis Hochschule and continues to manage this academic institution. Some of the big investigations Marschdorf and Galley worked on together include an investigation into a case of misappropriation of customer funds by the branch manager of a big Austrian bank and the investigation of grey market product manufacturing and distribution in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and some of the cases narrated on this website.